Welcome to your Online Cyber Health Check

In today's interconnected world, regardless of your industry, business size or maturity cyber security is critical.

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This Health Check has been designed to evaluate and enhance your understanding of your current cyber risks, vulnerabilities and best practices to safeguard your digital assets. Whether you're a concerned business owner, a board member worried about cyber risk, a seasoned IT professional or simply someone who values online security, this Health Check will provide valuable insights and knowledge to help you identify, quantify and take action to manage your cyber risks. 

This questionnaire consists of 4 sections:

  1. Basic Security
  2. Essential Security
  3. Enhanced Security
  4. General Security

Due to the structure used it is very likely that you will progressively have fewer protections in place as you progress through the questions.  If you are unsure of the status of any question, simply select the 'Not Sure' or 'Don't Know' option.

The assessment will take 5-10 minutes to complete with approximately 25 questions.  

Once you complete all questions you will be emailed with a report providing you with an overall cyber health rating assisting you in identifying where you maybe vulnerable.

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